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Case No. Appellant Name (Respondent Name)
1. REGULAR APPEAL/350/2015 MISC APPLICATION/943/2015 OA/56/2011 (AHMEDABAD1) M/s Parekh Platinum Limited & Ors (Ifci Limited & Ors)
2. REGULAR APPEAL/372/2015 MISC APPLICATION/942/2015 OA/218/2003 (AHMEDABAD1) M/s. Parekh Platinum Limited, & Ors (Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited & Ors)
3. MISC APPEAL/13/2019 MISC APPLICATION/152/2019 SA/43/2019 (MUMBAI2) Bank Of Baroda (M/s. Shalimar Exhibitors)
4. REGULAR APPEAL/45/2018 MISC APPLICATION/533/2018 MISC APPLICATION/604/2018 SA/456/2018 (MUMBAI2) Mohd. Shamim Mohd. Yasin Badgujar (Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd)
5. REGULAR APPEAL/115/2016 MISC APPLICATION/301/2016 MISC APPLICATION/302/2016 OA/393/2009 (MUMBAI3) M/s Mayur Cashew Products Ltd. (Edc Limited)
6. REGULAR APPEAL/104/2013 MISC APPLICATION/141/2017 MISC APPLICATION/356/2013 TA/159/2006 (AHMEDABAD1) Omprakash R. Agarwal (Central Bank Of India & Ors)
7. MISC APPEAL/152/2013 MISC APPLICATION/586/2013 OA/103/2004 (MUMBAI1) M/s. Sabara Impex Limited & Ors (Hdfc Bank Limited)
8. MISC APPEAL/116/2012 MISC APPLICATION/782/2014 MISC APPLICATION/783/2014 MA/32/2010 (MUMBAI1) Hdfc Bank Ltd. (M/s. Sabara Impex Ltd. & Ors)
9. REGULAR APPEAL/247/2016 MISC APPLICATION/227/2015 MISC APPLICATION/729/2016 MISC APPLICATION/730/2016 MA/15/2012 (AHMEDABAD1) Vinod Nimnath Sonar (The Authorized Officer Bank Of Baroda & Ors)
10. REGULAR APPEAL/27/2014 MISC APPLICATION/1265/2017 SA/64/2012 (MUMBAI2) M/s Invent Assets Securitisation & Reconstruction Pvt Ltd (M/s Candle Light Company Pvt Ltd)
11. REGULAR APPEAL/339/2015 OA/118/2010 (MUMBAI3) State Bank Of India (M/s S J Poly Plast Pvt Ltd)
12. REGULAR APPEAL/335/2015 OA/58/2007 (MUMBAI1) State Bank Of India (Canara Bank & Ors)
13. REGULAR APPEAL/259/2015 MISC APPLICATION/713/2015 MISC APPLICATION/714/2015 OA/22/2009 (MUMBAI1) M/s Tricon Spinners Pvt Ltd (Canara Bank)
14. REGULAR APPEAL/263/2015 MISC APPLICATION/709/2015 MISC APPLICATION/710/2015 OA/24/2009 (MUMBAI1) M/s. Mahajan Dyeing & Finishing Mills (Canara Bank)
15. REGULAR APPEAL/260/2015 MISC APPLICATION/711/2015 MISC APPLICATION/712/2015 OA/25/2009 (MUMBAI1) M/s Ess-n-ess Marketing (Canara Bank)
16. REGULAR APPEAL/253/2016 MISC APPLICATION/758/2016 OA/405/2016 (PUNE) Bank Of Baroda (Sinhgad Technical Education Society & Ors)
17. REGULAR APPEAL/17/2012 OA/35/2008 (MUMBAI3) Dena Bank (Shri Shashi Ramakrishnan Nair & Ors)
18. MISC APPEAL/27/2009 EX/38/2003 (MUMBAI2) Mr Deep Sureshchandra Naik (Bank Of Baroda)
19. MISC APPEAL/17/2017 MISC APPLICATION/474/2017 OA/269/2016 (PUNE) Mr. Anand Vijaykumar Rajnarain Singh & Ors (Bank Of Maharashtra & Ors)
20. MISC APPEAL/18/2017 MISC APPLICATION/475/2017 OA/268/2016 (PUNE) Automotive Coaches & Components Ltd & Ors (Bank Of Maharashtra & Ors)
21. REGULAR APPEAL/38/2018 MISC APPLICATION/411/2018 APPEAL/31/2008 (MUMBAI1) Mr. Venkatesh Deshpande & 2 Ors. (Nkgsb Co-op Bank Ltd. & Anr.)
22. MISC APPEAL/22/2018 MISC APPLICATION/140/2018 TSA/185/2016 (MUMBAI1) Mr. Anant Subrya Bhat & 2 Ors. (Phonex Arc Private Limited & 5 Ors.)
23. MISC APPEAL/77/2018 MISC APPLICATION/776/2018 SA/440/2016 (MUMBAI2) Mrs. Rashmi Rajesh Rajguru & Anr. (Dombivli Nagari Sahakari Bank Limited)
24. REGULAR APPEAL/39/2018 MISC APPLICATION/413/2018 SA/130/2018 (MUMBAI1) Mrs Uma Venkatesh Deshpande (Nkgsb Co-operative Bank Limited)
25. REGULAR APPEAL/86/2019 MISC APPLICATION/731/2019 SA/141/2017 (PUNE) Dombivli Nagari Sahakari Bank Limited (M/s Black Gold Organics Pvt Ltd)

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